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Card Cutter machine Gar12-A4

Date:2013-04-08  Read:71

Garbo card cutter blade is made of high speed steel with optimized technology.

What's more, with our patented color patch tracking system, the cutting edge is smooth and the mechanical preciseness is under 0.05mm

The machine warranty period is one million cuts. Under try run, the blade still woks well after 1.5 milliom's cuts.

The cutting speed is much faster is 100pcs/50secs

Knife Type: Y:Rolling Knife X:Long Knife Paper Type: All Printed and UV paper
Cutting Thickness: 0.18mm--0.40mm (max 350gsm) Load-table Capacity: Max 12sheets0.25mm/sheet
Cutting Speed: 100Pcs/50Secs Card Box Capacity: 90pcs (180gsm)  or 70pcs (250gsm)
Feeding mode: Automatic feeded by pick up rings Power Supply: AC  220V50/60HZ,0.5A
Sheet Size: A4 Dimension: 390mm(W)×280mm(D)×250mm(H)
Cutting mode: W(89/85/90/95)mm;    L(4550549095127)mm   and 1-600mm customizable Weight: 14.8Kg



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